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Ahote' (pronounced Ah-hoe-tay) is a mix of eastern timber and arctic wolf. His mother is black, and his father is a white Arctic. Ahote's name, in the native American Hopi language, means 'The Restless One'.

Ahote' was born April 26, 2006, and now weighs about 90 lbs.

Ahote' lives with Takoda, Sierra and Bandit at our facility in Jackson, New Jersey. They have a large secure one-acre enclosure with lots of room to run and things to play with. They love company and always welcome visitors to their home. Sometimes they sleep inside our house.

His diet consists of 80% raw chicken and deer, bones included. This is supplemented with vegetables, pork neck bones, marrow bones, bacon, biscuits and treats. It is known as the BARF diet (Bones & Raw Food). He cannot eat certain dog foods, such as kibble –– kibble is composed mainly of vegetable matter, and the digestive system of a wolf cannot handle large amounts of vegetable matter.

Ahote' was bottle-fed as a puppy by humans and has been very well socialized with people ever since. He considers people to be a normal part of his environment and is quite comfortable around them. Lately, however, he has developed an affinity for open-style footwear, especially children's, but only if live feet are present inside. He likes to bite down on them, a little to hard sometime, and we are presently working on dissuading him from this particular fetish so that in the future children will be able to return to their parents with their feet intact.

Like a typical dog, he loves to get treats, belly rubs, head scratches, and takes lots of naps.(in spite of his name)

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Ahote & Visitor Jan 2012
Ahote & Mary Jan 2012
Ahote Enjoys a Backscratch 2010
Ahote Relaxes in the Snow Dec 2010
Ahote & Takoda Play Summer 2006
Ahote as Young Pup April/May 2006
Ahote Plays With the Pack Summer 2006
Ahote & Frazier Lazily Play on a Summer Afternoon 2006
Ahote Just Would Not Let Go of the Mop (very funny) April 2006
Ahote Playing With Rope as Young Pup 2006
Ahote Clumsily Engages a Stuffed Toy 2006
Ahote & Takoda Summer 2006
Jaws Attacks (funny)
Takoda, Ahote & Bandit Wrestle Summer 2006
Ahote Plays with Friend at Veterans Dog Park August 2006
Running Through the Summer Grass on the Farm 2006
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