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Sierra is a cross of wolf, Siberian husky and German shepherd. She is an F3 hybrid, approximately 50% wolf (her maternal great grandfather was full wolf). Sierra weighs approximately 80 lbs. and was born in March 2003. Her diet is composed of 80% raw chicken, bones included. This is supplemented with vegetables, pork neck bones, marrow bones, bacon, biscuits. It is known as the BARF diet (Bones & Raw Food).

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Smiling for the camera at Plainsboro Dog Park. Sierra was six years old in March 2007.

An angry canine ready to charge? NOT!

After all, we're talking about Sierra here. She was probably stalking Sitka, located behind me.

Notice Sierra's larger ears, most likely from her German Shepherd background. Wolf ears are smaller in proportion to the head, like Ahote's.

Sandy beach at Mercer County Lake.

"Don't Mess with Us". With Bosco at Mercer County Park.

"Ahhhh! That feels good" Cooling off in Mercer County Lake.

Watching the birds fly overhead from atop the treehouse: "Ohhhhhhhhh.. If only I could get up there!"

Visit Sierra's Photo Album (over 165 photos)

Visit Sierra's Puppy Photo Album

Sierra during Oct 2011 Camp-out at the Farm
Sierra in Esquire Magazine September 2011
Sierra Says Hello to Girl Scouts from Freehold, NJ Dec 2010
Sierra Says Hello to George Dec 2010
Sierra at Howling Woods Farm Event Aug 2007
Sierra in the Snow at Mercer County Park Winter 2004
Sierra Tries to Retrieve Waterfowl June 2003
Sierra Really Wants to Catch this Beaver March 2003
Sierra Just Wants Maggie to Accept Her Oct 2002
Sierra and Friends at the Plainsboro, NJ dog park July 2002
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